Automated Lead Qualification

Step 1

Integrate All Communication Channels

You can integrate Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Website Inquiries, Chat Widget Inquiries, Google Reviews, Calls & Voicemails.

Step 2

Instant Notifications

Every time you receive a new message from your leads you will receive a notification.

Step 3

Let the AI Help Out

Our AI bot will respond to incoming messages, work towards building meaningful relationships and book appointments for you while you are working.

Step 4

Beat Your Competition

If you have a new inquiry then chances are the person sent an inquiry to 5 other companies like yours. Whoever gets back the lead first has the biggest advantage. And ClientSwing's AI will ensure you win the race.

SEO for Life

Stop paying for SEO every month, pay once and enjoy the results and automations for life.

Reputation Management

Collect hundreds of positive Google Reviews.

Custom Website

A personalized website built just for you.


Manage and maintain client relations.


AI client qualification via SMS & Email.

Mobile App

7-in-1 Communication, CRM and Invoicing.


Here are answers to the most popular questions we get about our Conversations from home service professionals interested in joining ClientSwing:

Does Conversations offer Facebook integrations?

Yes, it does. Conversations offer a seamless integration to your Facebook Page, Instagram account and Google My Business Page.

Can I send emails and text messages?

Yes, you can send both emails and text messages using Conversations.

Can I make calls using the Conversations tab?

Yes, you can do that by simply clicking on the phone icon inside the conversations tab.

Calling your customers is possible from both your phone and desktop.

How do I know which platfrom the messages come from?

Every single person inside the conversations tab will have a small icon next to their name that will show you exactly where the message came from.

Similarly, if someone submitted a form on your website you will also know if the person came from paid advertising or found you organically.

Really... footer? Let's set up your automated sales-generating system. We do all the heavy lifting. :)

ClientSwing | Copyright © 2024 | All Rights Reserved

ClientSwing | Copyright © 2024 | All Rights Reserved